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Innovation in Media – Renowned Swiss Publishing House Launches Qmarkets’ Idea Management Platform After Successful Pilot

Somedia – one of the largest media companies in Switzerland – have selected Qmarkets’ idea management platform to crowdsource ideas from their employees. Starting with a pilot campaign to tackle challenges relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has now signed up for a two-year license with over 400 users.

Somedia is a diversified media company, with over 700 employees spread across several subsidiaries focusing on digital, print, TV, radio, online services, publishing solutions, and advertising sales, as well as an advertising agency. Operating in an industry that has faced continuous waves of disruption, the leadership team at Somedia identified the urgent need for a professional tool to manage ideas in an effective and transparent way. 

Somedia is one of the leading publishing companies in Switzerland, headquartered in Chur, Graubünden

In the past employees at Somedia would share their ideas directly with their manager, but often the idea would be forgotten or get lost. This would lead to employees becoming frustrated and less likely to share ideas in the future. Upon looking at tools, it quickly became clear that Qmarkets had everything that Somedia was looking for.

Franziska Reisser, Head of Innovation at Somedia manages the employee innovation program

“Once we decided on Qmarkets, we went straight into the fast lane” shared Franziska Reisser, Head of Innovation at Somedia. “Set up was very quick and we saw a very special effort from Jaron and Marthe – their support was outstanding during this time.” 

Qmarkets idea management platform was selected by Somedia for the ability to manage an idea throughout its lifecycle, from submission and collaboration, through to implementation and reporting. Somedia used Qmarkets’ best practice Q-ideate configuration in order to maximize results. 

The platform has now increased trust and transparency for Somedia employees; “The CEO and management team love our idea management initiative and are fully supporting it.” Franziska explained, “And more importantly our employees are more trusting now and very happy to have the visibility to really see what’s happening with their ideas.” 

“We’re very happy to be working with Somedia to help them to continue their reputation as one of Switzerland’s most renowned and innovative media companies.” Shared Noam Danon, Qmarkets’ CEO and founder. “We’re very happy that they have chosen Qmarkets to support their innovation initiative for years to come.” 

About Somedia

As a renowned publishing house, Somedia has committed itself to the highest journalistic standards. Somedia provides the residents of south-eastern Switzerland with the latest information from the region, politics, sport, 

culture and entertainment via print, radio, TV, and online services. As an important center for communication, the media company also produces and publishes professional content and solutions for companies, third-party publishers, associations, and authorities. With the media always in focus, Somedia fundamentally understands the dynamics between the print and digital world. This competence enables high-quality multimedia and convergent offers, tailored to the user habits of the modern information society. 

About Qmarkets

Qmarkets logo

Qmarkets has developed a reputation over the last 10 years for delivering one of the most comprehensive crowdsourcing software solutions in the world. Recognized by leading analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, MWD Advisors and Info-tech, Qmarkets offers unmatched technical and design flexibility to their extensive list of leading global clients; including Nestle, Ford, Lufthansa, Ab InBev, Philip Morris International, Bridgestone, and many more.

Qmarkets’ software offering extends beyond innovation management to include products focusing on process improvement, continuous improvement and operational excellence; open innovation with customers and business partners; technology scouting for enterprise M&A opportunities; and digital employee engagement.

The innovation management solutions offered by Qmarkets are completed by a commitment to customer success. This is shown by Qmarkets’ global team, and supported through best-practices, workshops, training, professional services, and more.

To find out how Qmarkets can help you uncover growth-driving ideas for your enterprise, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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